Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra

- Heathrow's Terminal 2 is going to be demolished as part of the 2012 revamp.

- Boeing's fuel-efficient jet landed at Heathrow at 1:13 p.m. yesterday after a 22 hour, 42 minute trip from Hong Kong that crossed two oceans and covered 11,664 nautical miles. Therefore breaking the world record for longest, nonstop flight by a commercial airliner.

- On the tenth anniversary of his death, a stainless steel sculpture of a Nigerian bus decorated with writings by Ken Saro-Wiwa has won the contest to find a "living memorial" to the writer.

- Kevin Spacey has received an honorary degree from London Southbank University, along with...erm, Trevor McDonald. In other Spacey news: Kevin has installed an 'autograph flap' at the Old Vic. If anyone's seen Kevin's flap we'd love to hear about it.

- And because it's Friday, here's our favourite local headline of the week: School Bags Can Damage Your Child's Health.

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Lis Riba

Okay, I actually saw Richard II on Monday night, and afterwards hung out awhile outside the stage door, mostly watching the crowd of about a dozen people who were waiting for autographs. [It was my last night in London and I didn't want the evening to end.]

The show ended about ten pm, and shortly thereafter the actors trickled out in ones and twos and threes, generally ignored by the crowd as they walked down the sidewalk towards whereever. I kinda felt sorry for them and started to wonder whether I should get autographs from them all for politeness and egoboo, but by that point I had already missed enough people that it didn't seem fair.

Ben Miles and Kevin Spacey were really the only ones people sought signatures from, and mostly Kevin who was the last to appear after everyone else left.
Kevin signed from behind the door.
It didn't strike me as at all weird, and until I saw another blog post on the subject I didn't think anything of it.
Remember those old-fashioned doors where the top & bottom could open independently? That's what it was like. Furthermore, this arrangement gave him a surface upon which to write.

The crowd was polite, and so was he.
At the last minute, I decided to join the line and have him sign my program. Didn't chat or anything, but he did say "thanks"

Then, after everyone was taken care of, he went back inside. I don't know what he was doing afterwards, but he didn't go straight home like the rest of the actors. Then again, he's artistic director of the theatre now, so he may have other responsibilities closing up shop after the show.

So if he does regularly have to leave the theater much later than the other actors, this arrangement allowed him to sign without making fans wait unduly.
Like I said, I saw no problem with it in practice, and the main objection in the article in the link seems to be the motives they're attributing to him.