Drew: Grouphug

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Drew: Grouphug


If Flickr is the smiling, feel-good face of the internet, then Grouphug is the seedy underbelly. People come here, not to post cute pictures of their pets, but to confess their sins – the self loathing, dirty desires and daily betrayals we keep from the world.

The entries range from the banal:

I have no control

All things are falling apart

Winter is coming

To the funny:

I have a crush on the rabbit from space jam, the female one of course. but whats hot is hot, and she knows how to put on eye shadow

And the genuinely sad:

I really like a girl and I've just been talking to her on msn, she told me she's going round to a lads house on Thursday. I feel so bad, I want to cry, I want to die

And back to the banal again:

I eat myself. I peel the skin off my fingers and eat it, and my fingernails too.

So there you have it: the human condition in a website. God help us all.

Grouphug can be found at www.grouphug.us

Last Updated 04 November 2005