Did You Leave £10k On A Train?

By Rob Last edited 160 months ago
Did You Leave £10k On A Train?

We're sure people leave bags full of money on trains all the time so maybe we should be more specific.

Did you the take 17.45 Manchester to Euston service on March 21st this year? Were you carrying around ten grand in cash in a bag? Did you leave said bag on the train?

We're pretty sure you would have noticed your mistake before you got home. After all, It's not like when you forget your wallet and only realise your mistake when you go to pay for a paper or a pack of fags.

If you do think this might be your ten grand we're talking about, then your luck is in, because believe it or not a fellow passenger handed the bag in!

We know, we found it hard to believe too, but the only thing we can think of is this person had seen Shallow Grave and was aware that stealing large amounts of potentially dodgy cash can get you into a spot of bother.

Now obviously we're not saying your cash is dodgy...oh alright then we are. Lets face it if you'd just had a particularly good day down the bookies or something then you would have paid a trip to the lost property office by now wouldn't you?

And it's not just us who have these supsicions, the British Transport Police have smelled a rat as well:

It is possible it is drugs money because we get quite a lot of movement of that sort of thing by train because it is fairly anonymous. The person would then be fairly reluctant to come forward. But that is just speculation.

Fairly reluctant? Classic British Police understatement there.

Anyway, if any of this rings a bell and you're not the most forgetful drugs runner in the whole of Britain, then you'll wnat to get hold of the BTP and tell them what the bag looks like and what denominations the money is in. And if you get those questions right then you can either take the money home or go on to the next round and gamble for the chance to win the car!

Last Updated 26 November 2005