Club Londonist : Trying out our new shoes

By Talia Last edited 158 months ago
Club Londonist : Trying out our new shoes

With all this book reading, tv viewing, lecture attending, film watching and Ken chasing, we at the Londonist towers have realised we've forgotten to do one vital thing. We've forgotten to dance!

Upon this realisation we immediately rushed to the nearest Office and bought ourselves a pair of comfortable, yet stylish dancing shoes. We've just put them on and by heck we're going to use them. Ladies and Gentlemen of London, beware, the Londonistas are going clubbing!

And so here we are with the first in a vaguely regular feature of dance-worthy things happening in London town in the next few days!

JD Samson from Le Tigre

Tonight we are off down Falconberg "Piss Alley" Court to the ever popular Ghetto to their regular Thursday night Miss-Shapes night. It's special tonight though as JD Samson from cult riot grrl group Le Tigre comes down to the club for her only DJ set in the country at this time. Normally it's a big fat mix of indie, pop, and electro that doesn't take itself too seriously and with JD's credentials it will be be interesting to see what new ear prickling tracks she throws into the mix. Drinks are cheap, the crowd is friendly and doors open at 10.30 with entry at between £1 and £3. Or drop into sister bar Trash Palace on Wardour Street for free entry vouchers if you can be bothered.

Friday night and quite frankly we'll have had 4 hours sleep so we'll be doing a big fat dance at our own desk when the clock hits 5.30. Hurrah weekend time. Torn between Halliwell, Tall Paul and Fergie at Turnmills or Guilty Pleasures at Islington Academy, we think we're going to go for the latter if only because it's their birthday party, so it would be rude not to! We've never been before, but the night is moving weekly instead of monthly so it must be popular with someone. It sounds vaguely like a bad students' union disco but we'll report back on how it was next week.

Saturday might just be a night spend admiring the blisters on our feet. Those damn shoes!

Canadian DJ Tiga

Monday is the next big thing circled on our calendar as Canadian DJ, artist and much sought after remixer Tiga rocks up at Trash at The End. Opening at 10, and given both Tiga and Trash's status we don't have a clue what time to recommend getting there, but we better get in or the tears will flow! As well as DJing, the night will also be an album launch party for his first artist album which'll be out in January. If his recent single You Gonna Want Me with Jake Shears is anything to go by, then the album is going to be a stormer.

If you go anywhere good or are running your own night and want to let us know about it, then drop us an email at

Last Updated 10 November 2005