Art After Dark

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Art After Dark

The London Assembly, gawd bless 'em, has come up with an idea that has already been thought of and is already in practice in a stunning attempt to bring fresh ideas to the stale-as-yesterday's beer debate on the Licensing Act. As of Thursday this week, bars and pubs who have applied and gotten permission to stay open beyond the 11pm closing time will start their new hours, and in an effort to drown out the Cassandra types who are wailing and wallowing in prophecies of binge-drinking at all hours, vomit flowing through the streets and more women "asking for it" , the London Assembly have suggested that art galleries and museums should also stay open later to offer an alternative to late-night binge drinking.

Well. That's an innovation and a half. Especially once you've considered that most of the major galleries and museums in London already offer late-night openings such as both Tate galleries, the Victoria and Albert and the British Museum. Still, can't blame the London Assembly for trying to promote other things for Londoners to do with their time. After all, with longer drinking hours, we're going to need more things to talk about over cheeky post-11pm pints.

So how about it, London Assembly? What other whacky crazy "but it might just work" suggestions for late opening do you have up your spacious sleeve? Late night high street mortgage advisers? 24 hour Carphone Warehouses? Open all night creches? C'mon... we haven't got all night.

Or have we?

Last Updated 21 November 2005