TV Troll: Saturday Night Is Brucie Time

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TV Troll: Saturday Night Is Brucie Time

Yes, TV Troll's joint favourite programme (along with Lost, X Factor, The Sopranos, South Park, Big Brother, The Daily Show, Spoons, Britney And Kevin: Chaotic, Good Morning With Richard Not Judy, Sealab 2021 ...) is back! Strictly Come Dancing will be waltzing back onto our screens (© every journalist writing about the return of SCD, ever) from tomorrow (Sat 6.30pm/9.25pm BBC1). It's a good thing X Factor (Sat 6pm/8.35pm ITV1) is repeated on ITV2 on Sunday at 4.30pm, otherwise we'd be on the horns of a terrible dilemma. Phew. Anyway, the intrepid/foolhardy slebs taking part seem like they'll be an entertaining bunch; we just hope it matches the awesome Jill Halfpenny/Denise Lewis (she woz robbed!) rivalry of last year, and the journey of self-discovery undertaken by Julian Clary - and the Sarah off Casualty/Brendan feud was simply marvellous.

Luckily, Bruno, Arlene, Len and Craig - the Simon Cowell of SCD, but even more teak-skinned - are on hand to tell it like it is; this is not a programme to spare the feelings of its contestants. Claudia Winkelman is presenting the daily Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two (Mon-Fri 6.30pm BBC2) round-up, for us addicts. Offices and shops across London will be emptying rather earlier than usual as people rush home to catch the latest gossip about Zoe Ball's costume, or Patsy off 'Enders's bleeding feet, or Colin Jackson's troubles with the foxtrot, and pubs and bars will stand forlornly echoing as the Great British public stays glued to its TV set. We reckon.

In other news, there's been a fair amount of controversy over on the More4 forums concerning the huge fuck-up ah, delicate situation of freesat viewers and the new channel. The problem stems from the fact that Channel 4 promised More4 would be free for everyone; Sky, however, were obviously not consulted on this, and, as they encrypt the other Freeview channel E4 (are you keeping up?), decided that More4 would not be available to non Sky Digital subscribers. Pay your money to Murdoch, or miss out on the rather fab new channel, in a nutshell. Naturally, to save face, both sides have declared that the confusion is not their fault, and that viewers should pay up, or put up and shut up. Charming.

What do you think? Please leave comments if this has affected you personally, or if you just want to rage against the Murdoch machine ...

Last Updated 15 October 2005