Tech Me I'm Sick: One More Thing

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Tech Me I'm Sick: One More Thing
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This week's big tech story surrounds a wearer of turtlenecks, stone washed jeans and white trainers. Not a member Status Quo luckily, but someone with a little less hair, yet with a lot more up there - at least when compared to the UKs most successful chart act.

Apple computers' CEO Steve Jobs has invited a select number of the tech industry stalwarts to a special event entitled 'One More Thing' this coming Tuesday (12th October).

The event is named after the famed oratory trick of Apple's CEO, who uses the phrase as a prelude to a tech-bombshell-announcement at the close of his press conferences - previous years he has used the event to showcase such modern design icons as the iPod Photo.

The tech blogging world is alight with rumors of an imminent release of the iPod Video - a so far fictional portable media player, much like the iPod, which will be capable of playing video.


Whilst there are plenty of portable media players already on the market, such as the Creative Zen and the impressive Archus AV, they have failed to take off commercially. Plus, without the support of an online store, like the role iTunes plays for the iPod at present, it is only the tech savvy or, more realistically, P2P devotees that have embraced these devices.

It seems the industry is waiting to see Apple's hugely anticipated foray into this aspect of the market before taking it up it whole-heartedly. Amateur designers the world over have been creating hundreds of digital 'mock-ups' of what they think the vPod will look like. It seems the Cult of Mac is at its peak - what other device, or company for that matter, creates such self-publicity?

The various Apple 'insider' blogs have either confirmed or denied such a release. Some saying the event is merely scheduled to show some updated laptops or the release of an iMovie Store.

Downloadable movies or videoCasts certainly seem the next step forward to supporting a device such as the vPod. The iTunes store already supports music videos. Imagine being able to watch a BBC News Roundup videoCast on a swanky vPod each morning on the way in to work (instead of squinting at the tiny screen on your phone pretending to those around you that 3G is actually really cool).

However, depsite rumors continuing ever since the first iPod was released, there has still been no official word from Apple of them embracing such a product. But it cannot be long before London underground is filled with commuters watching last night's episode of 'Lost' or the weekends Match of the Day videoCast on their way in to work.

This Londonista wants one now. Already.

Last Updated 06 October 2005