London's First Fully Licensed Card Room

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London's First Fully Licensed Card Room

Londonist likes poker. Remember when we won that trophy earlier this year? Wow that was sweet...

...Anyway as much as we love the Gutshot club up on the Clerkenwell Road, what London is really missing is a really swanky gambling establishment with rugs and leather amrchairs etc, so we can feel less seedy while we're throwing away the housekeeping money.

Say hello then to the Fox Poker club.

Smack bang in the middle of Mayfair the Fox Poker club is situated in an "elegant five-storey Georgian town houses dating back to the 18th century", which sounds like a good a place as any to lose the shirt off your back if you ask us.

It's owned by a litle 'cartel' of poker players and businessmen from the gaming world, so hopefully everything should be shipshape and above board...but there is a snag.

The club applied for a Casino Licence in July this year, and they've already had a few 'conversations' with Westminster Council to try and secure the planning applications, but nothing has been signed yet.

They're hoping to get everything sorted by January 2006 "ready for the opening party", and Londonist hereby swears that if all goes to plan we will do everything we can to be present at that party.

The things we do in the name of blogging.

Last Updated 07 October 2005