Londonist Raffle: Prize Pool Update

By Rob Last edited 151 months ago
Londonist Raffle: Prize Pool Update

As you might have seen already seen, it's our first birthday party next month and as part of the celebrations we're holding a birthday raffle. Basically it's just a way for us to say thank you to our readers by giving them the chance to walk away from the party with armloads of cool stuff.

What we didn't realise when we started this was just how much cool stuff we were going to get...truth is, we want to keep half of it now. But a deal's a deal, so to tempt anyone who has yet to enter, here's a list of what we've got to give away so far (there's more to come, we promise).

An iPod shuffle.
  • A signed copy of Adrian Maddox's book Classic Cafes (and hopefully some exclusive signed prints from Adrian too!).
  • A year's subscription to our favourite magazine: Smoke.
  • A signed copy of Mecca Ibrahim's excellent tube book One stop short of Barking
  • A copy of the fascinating Cross River Traffic by Chris Roberts.
  • 5 pairs of vouchers for free entry to the Prince Charles Cinema.
  • And, finally, time to get all nostalgic with a copy of The Bus We Loved: London's Affair with the Routemaster by Travis Elborough.
  • If you want to enter the raffle all you have to do is email us with 'Londonist Raffle' in the subject field and then turn up on the night to see if your name comes out the hat. It's that easy.

    Last Updated 20 October 2005


    Please post the immediate email so we can register for the raffle! My browswer will only open in my MAC default mail account, for which I don't know the password (and I don't use that account anyway!).

    Moira of
    Cool Kids Flat 43
    Where there are at least two of six Londonist loyal readers


    Hi Moira,

    The address is - put 'Londonist Raffle' in the subject line. Good luck and hope to see you there on the night! :)

    Jo x

    Mecca Ibrahim

    Blimey do I have to sign it as as well ;-)


    Yes, preferably before you drink too much.

    Mecca Ibrahim

    Cheers Rob, are you saying I is a alcoholic ;-)

    BTW how do you fancy adopting the charity I work for as your official charity for the night? We're based in your home stomping ground of Shadwell. I have armloads of raffle tickets that I could sell at your party for the bargain price of a quid each - the raffle draw takes place on the 12th November and the first prize is a pair of Club tickets on a British Airways flight to the States, 2nd prize the same to Europe, 3rd prize - 4 tickets on the London Eye, plus lots of runner up prizes of booze and stuff.

    The draw will be made at a party by a B list celeb who I'm not sure I can name right now, but lets just say he's in a London soap and his name rhymes with Wayne Ditchie.