London Pub Awards

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London Pub Awards

Something we should have picked up on last week (but didn't because we were too busy making crap jokes about ducks) was the Fancy A Pint London Pub Awards.

The awards are put on to "showcase London's best pubs and to thank the people who have worked so hard over the year to provide an enjoyable drinking environment for everyone and, in doing so, making the pub-going experience an outstanding one." A worthy and noble cause we think you'll agree, especially as quality drinking experiences are becoming harder and harder to come by (or are we just getting old?).

The overall winner as far the reviewers were concerned was the Lamb on Lamb's Conduit street: "Great beers, lovely pub grub and a genuine mix of punters add up to a terrific pub experience that is hard to beat." Not a decision we could easily argue with.

Other awards include Best Pub Renovation (controversial!), Most Improved Pub, Best Newcomer and Best Hairstyle...oh no, wait, that's the Smash Hits Poll Winners' Party.

Last Updated 25 October 2005