Halloween: Scary Walks

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Halloween: Scary Walks

As promised we've been hunting around to try and find you a few things to do this Halloween, and we thought we'd better try and cover all the 'spooky' London walks you've got to choose from.

London Walks has a good reputation as one of the better tour organisations in the capital, i.e they weren't established solely for the reason of stitchng up the tourists, and luckily they've got a whole load of special Halloween walks to choose from.

Go to this page and scroll down for details of the Ghostly Greenwich walk, the Ghosts of the Old City walk, the Haunted London walk, and (our favourite) the Ghosts, Gaslight & Guinness walk.

Secret London Walks is another reputable organisation we've heard good things about, and they've got a Special Halloween Tour on the 31st which "will take you to haunted graveyards, execution spots and the sites of two of London's notorious prisons."



And finally, Richard Jones (who has written plenty of spooky books, including Walking Haunted London) has his own Ghost Walk which includes a whole feast of terrifying sights: "the graveyard where a gruesome event committed in the 1830’s has left an indelible stain upon the ethereal plane... a dungeon where you will just sense countless dreadful happenings have occurred... the strange, though true, story of the haunted elevator at London’s oldest hospital...the ancient burial ground where the she wolf's restless wraith chills the blood of many a late night wanderer.... the silent graveyard where a lone monk keeps his weary vigil amongst the crumbling, weatherworn tombstones and stand on the very spot where Sir William Wallace - Braveheart himself - was executed."

And, continuing on from the knitted zombie toys we linked to yesterday...how cool are these Halloween iPod costumes?

Last Updated 18 October 2005