Fare Evading: Biggest Fine Ever!

By Rob Last edited 157 months ago
Fare Evading: Biggest Fine Ever!

The BBC reports today that the fine for fare evading could go up from £20 to £50 next year.

And, although they resist the use of the word 'slap', the Beeb also tells us that repeat offendors could be issued with ABSOs.

(Incidentally we did find one news source that couldn't resist 'slapping' their ASBO, if you find anymore please do let us know.)

According to the article TfL is currently consulting on a private bill that will give the go-ahead for £50 fines and give them the power to apply for ASBOs for persistent fare evaders (currently only something the Met and the Transport Police can do).

TfL are quoted as saying that the minority of people who don't pay their fare "cost TfL approximately £70m a year - money which could be spent improving London's transport network," while London Travelwatch (the official watchdog organisation for transport users) say that they will most likely support the Bill.

As ever, there's proper, insighful commentary on all this over at Annie Mole's place.

Last Updated 25 October 2005