Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra

- More news on the Tiffany raid. It was a 'smash and grab' attempt involving a four wheel drive vehicle. The moped hit a parked car and unmarked police car killing one passenger and critically injuring the other.

- Families don't wan't to bring their kids into central London says MORI poll. Childless adults are secretly pleased.

- There's a problem with the brakes on the Northern Line. Ironically this is causing everything to run slower than normal.

- A limited bus service will start to run over Battersea bridge on Monday. Just one bus at a time though (seriously). Sorry, no link yet.

- Saatchi to be evicted from South Bank now? Apparently shark in tank breaches 'no pets' rule.

- Von Dutch to open store in Covent Garden. Burberry thought to be worried about chav market share.

Last Updated 07 October 2005