Dalek-Related Buildings

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Dalek-Related Buildings
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Time for a quick round-up of building news. The BBC are running a report on the fate of Battersea Power Station’s iconic chim-chim-a-neys. Seems that the ‘up-turned pool table’ may have to have its stacks removed because of metal fatigue. But don’t panic, as ‘developers say they would replace them with exact replicas’, as part of the massive and much-delayed regeneration of the site. The temporary vanishing act isn’t popular with everyone, and local community groups are hoping the chimneys can be repaired rather than rebuilt. We’re not so sure it’ll make too much of a difference, and it’ll be fun to compare the work-in-progress with the battle-scarred model from Dr Who and the Daleks (above).


Speaking of Daleks, cop a load of these new apartments set for Potter’s Fields. They’ve been on the drawing board for quite some time, but have just received a ‘guarded go-ahead’ from Deputy Prime minister John Prescott. What do you reckon? We’re quite impressed and think they blend in rather well with City Hall and More London (not pictured). In fact, no official bodies have attacked the plans on architectural grounds, which is rare. Instead, the chorus of nay saying is directed at the location – right next to Tower Bridge and opposite the Tower of London. And local residents fear the loss of their park (surely one of the most lacklustre green spaces in London, but the only bit of turf in the area). You can read the full details of the battle over on skyscrapernews.com.

Last Updated 13 October 2005

James Hatts

Re. Potters Fields - the park is not under threat (although its ambience would be changed by the presence of the 'dalek' towers).

The towers are planned for the vacant coach park site right next to Tower Bridge Road. The development is being much discussed by locals on our site at www.london-se1.co.uk


Thanks, James. I thought it might be the coach park. In which case, I'd personally love to see this go ahead, as the patch is an eyesore right next to the bridge, and I quite like the look of these towers.

But then I'm not a local resident.


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