Critical Mass And The Met

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Critical Mass And The Met

As you may have read last month the most recent meeting of London's Critical Mass group was somewhat disrupted when police appeared to hand out leaflets warning cyclists of the possibility of arrests at their next 'gathering' unless the organisers provided the Met with details of the route six days in advance.

Two immediate problems there. First, there are no real 'organisers' within Critical Mass, that's kind of the point (for more details of what Critical Mass do you can read the Wikipedia entry or the FAQ from the groups' site). And second, there is not real 'route'.

As you might imagine response to the Met's demands was swift, bemused and, in some quarters, angry. But, somewhat inevitably, the real upshot of all this is that Critical Mass has received more publicity than it could ver had hoped for and the next gathering this Friday (the one at which the Met's objections will be truly tested for the first time) looks set to be the largest ever.

You can read an article from today's Guardian here, or if you fancy furthering the cause there's some leaflets to print and distribute here (PDF).

For details of Friday's gathering check the London CM site here or there's the flyer here.

Photo taken from Indy Media.

Last Updated 26 October 2005