Crawl Of The Dead

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Crawl Of The Dead

Over the next couple of weeks Londonist will be trying to highlight a few things to do on Halloween night. No, we don't think we should start treating this 'holiday' as seriously as the Americans do, but there has to be a better option than staying in and ignoring trick or treaters or just going down the pub and drinking until it's over.

For example: the Crawl of the Dead.

The Crawl of the Dead basically falls between the 'American whole hog' option and the 'sitting in the pub until it's over' option because it's a zombie fancy dress pub crawl.

Let's just go over that one more time: a zombie fancy dress pub crawl. What's not to like?

The 2005 Crawl of the Dead will actually be the second such event, and you can see some photos of last year's Crawl here.

If you fancy taking part (we're told you don't have to dress as a zombie although make up will be available if you change your mind) you can get hold of the group responsible here.

This year's Crawl of the Dead will take place on Saturday 29 October, meeting point TBC.

P.S. Forget pumpkins this year, London's favourite Halloween related item for 2005 has to be knitted zombies.

Last Updated 17 October 2005