City Swimmers: For And Against

By Rob Last edited 157 months ago
City Swimmers: For And Against

Remember the Hampstead Heath pond swimming debacle from earlier this year?

Well if you read the website and followed the court case now you can watch the film too. Yes, City Swimmers is a film made by a team of North London film-makers, TV and radio professionals which aims to celebrate "open water swimming" as well as providing a record of the group's campaign.

The film will feature Hampstead Heath obviously, and will aim to show exactly why anyone would actually voluntarily go for a quick dip in its ponds...especially in the winter. The film will also, we're told, look beyond London to show "the pleasure of other open water swimming places and cover other campaigns to keep them open."

If you want to see the film it's going to be screened at the Everyman Cinema Club on Saturday November 12, at 1.00 pm. Ring 087 00 66 4777 for more details.

Someone who probably won't be attending that event is Brian Coleman, the Conservative Assembly member for Barnet and Camden, who wrote this column back in February (entitled Masochistic swimmers should get a life, and a grip on reality) in which he hypothesised that it is "something about the cold showers at English public schools 30 years ago that encourages this habit?"

Last Updated 14 October 2005