Buildings A-Go-Go On The South Bank

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Buildings A-Go-Go On The South Bank

Another week, another big tower. This time, Coin Street Builders (the guys behind the Oxo Tower rejuvenation) have announced plans for a monster of a residential block on the South Bank.

Looking something like a cross between Tower42 (NatWest Tower) and the Tate Modern’s brooding chimney further downstream, the 168 m stack would nestle behind the National Theatre, on Doon Street. Along with the proposed Beetham Tower at Blackfriars, these plans signal a potential new residential cluster for London.

Naturally, local residents have mixed views, and you can join in the debate over on the SE1 forum. have a few insightful comments on the chances of this being built, plus some nice pics.

What everyone has missed is the psychogeographic potential of a tall building on this site. A quick consultation with the A-Z shows that the proposed building will fall on precisely the same latitude as the London Bridge Tower (Shard of glass), and 1 Canada Square (Canary Wharf) – as well as Admiralty Arch and The Ritz. That’s reason enough for a green light, in our whimsical opinion.

We might as well use this opportunity to update you on two other south bank building projects we highlighted a few days ago.

First, that decision over whether or not to knock down (and rebuild, we hasten to add) the corroding Battersea Power Station chimneys. It’s a GO! Much to the disgruntlement of local resident groups, and the future joy of photobloggers.

Second, the Dalek towers of Potters Fields. It’s a NO GO! At least for the time being. Southwark Council, majority landholders, claim the piles will:

Unnecessarily compete with the elaborate detailing of Tower Bridge, the sleek lines of the Greater London Assembly and the Tower of London.

We thought a bit of competition was a good thing? Well, something’s got to be done with the site, which currently detracts from the surrounding grandeur like a golf sale in Westminster Abbey.

Anyone got a suggestion for what should be built here?

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