Bloggers' Corner?

By Rob Last edited 159 months ago
Bloggers' Corner?

We had heard tell that Cory 'Boing Boing' Doctorow had been seen making the ocassional foray into Speakers' Corner, but we always thought it might be difficult, nay impossible, to find hard news coverage of said event.

Then we stumbled across ZD (Where Technology Means Business folks) and our curiosity was sated.

We even got a photo of Cory on a stepladder, which we've reproduced here in flagrant opposition of copyright laws...if you bear with us you'll see why.

You see Cory was in Hyde Park on Sunday with his Electronic Frontier Foundation hat on (not literally you understand, C.D. was sporting a natty leather jacket and khaki slacks for the occasion) in order to "expound the evils associated with strict copyright law and point out some potential solutions."

Also present were Ronaldo Lemos, director of the Center for Technology & Society at the Fundação Getulio Vargas law school in Brazil and open source developer Salim Fadhley, who managed to namecheck Resonance FM, for which we salute him.

Rumours that the group have recently become disenchanted with Copyright activism and have now begun to warn passers by that "Christ will return" and "We need to get a picture of Him to put on Flickr" are, at this time, unfounded.

Last Updated 18 October 2005