Bar Hopping - Let's Get Down

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Bar Hopping - Let's Get Down
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Londonist is getting particularly booozy lately. Along with our brand new Pub Quiz reviews we've also decided that we need to be featuring a few more of the capital's more glam establishments, just to balance out the pork scratchings you know?

And as it's October now, the sun's beginning to wane, and we can feel guilt free about heading into the depths of our favourite drinking holes after work, Londonist thought we'd kick things off by reacquainting ourselves with some of our favourite basement bars. But remember, your mobile's no good down here...

The Langley. 5 Langley Street, Covent Garden.

The Amber lights, curved staircase and leather sofas give this bar a James Bond effect - order a Martini to blend in (if you skimp - like a friend of ours did - and opt for a soda water instead you'll still have to pay a whopping £1.80). The bar stretches across two large rooms which fill up fast, so find a nook and guard it well.

Suga Suga. 187 Wardour Street, Soho.

A sign reading "No ties allowed" greets you at the stairs of this underground bar (that used to be the 'Dog House' before it underwent a 10 week refurbishment), so take heed and loosen your knot before indulging in some of the best cocktails in Soho. Happy hour is Monday-Friday 5pm-7.30pm and the cozy layout and impressive drinks list means it'll be last orders in no time.

The Friendly Society. The Basement, 79 Wardour Street, Soho.

Blink and you'll miss the entrance for this popular gay/mixed venue in a side alley just off Old Compton Street. The décor of naked Barbie dolls, boxes of washing powder and giant goldfish mouthing at you in time to the music gives the place its oddball charm. DJ's play funk and disco tracks most nights, but it's more a stand-and-sip crowd.

Nordic. 25 Newman Street, Noho.

We love themed bars here at the Londonist and we can't get enough of Nordic's Scandinavian motif. Divided into broad drinking and eating areas, you can have your Gravad Lax and eat it too, and where else in London can you learn how to shoot Aqua-Vit? Just be very careful of the death stairs on the way out afterwards.

The Social. 5 Little Portland Street, Noho.

There's only one golden rule at trendy beer emporiums like this: tipping makes you look sexy. Muscle your way to the bar and show the bartender/model/actress/actor your pearly whites.

Last Updated 03 October 2005