A Prize Orange

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A Prize Orange

Reading may be a solitary and silent pastime, but when there's an award at stake you can expect to hear many a raised voice.

The Small Island, the novel by Andrea Levy, won the title of Best of the Best – the "best Orange Prize for Fiction winner over the 10 years".

The proceedings, reported the Guardian, were held with "pomp and ceremony," a far cry from the Evening Standard's description of the ceremony in 1995 which gushed "there was glamour, lesbians kissing in the lavatories, and conversations centred on make-up, fashion and feminist principles."

Ah, those were the days.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the controversy, the future of the Orange Prize looks – well - bright and the shortlist each year is yet another reason to get lost in Waterstones on Saturday mornings when your partner thinks you're out buying milk and a newspaper.

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Last Updated 04 October 2005