Hova Is A Gooner

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Hova Is A Gooner

Pop quiz. What do you do when you've just sold off the record company that you started from scratch for £180 million and consequently you have more money than you know what do with? Do you A)put it all in a small windowless room and quietly count it all day whilst slowly whispering: "one for me...and one for me"? B)splash it all on some serious diamondage for your fly ho? C)invest in a team playing in the Premiership, 'the greatest league in the world'.

If your name is Jay-Z, then of course the answer is 'C'. According to The Sunday Mirror , 'Young Hov' loves our city, loves our football and thinks Thierry Henry is cool and therefore it is only natural that he wants to part-own the Arsenal. Apparently he approached Chelsea first, but was rebuffed by Roman, who was clearly unimpressed with Hova's Rocawear style and wanted to stick to his jeans and blazer look, thanks very much.

Those who might cast doubt on Jigga's chances of gaining entry into Highbury's marble halls and swapping menswear tips with Arsene should be warned, as the Mirror's 'source' states ominously...

Jay-Z is a man who gets what he wants - and he wants a portion of a Premiership club.

Blimey. We wouldn't be surprised if this 'source' turns out to be talking a load of cobblers though, would you? But in the meantime, we'll amuse ourselves with the thought of what kind of impact Mr Carter might have on the other Premiership chairmen...how long might it take for Doug Ellis to bring out his own shoe for instance? The mind boggles.

Last Updated 10 October 2005