Women Photographing Women

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Women Photographing Women

You can tell from the title of this exhibtion that we're on dodgy ground here can't you?

On the one hand Women Photographing Women is a perfectly respectable exhibition showcasing the work of the photographers: Renee Falcke, Vee Speers and Josephine Sacabo.

Problem is, a lot of the subjects in these photographs are going to be wearing very little in the way of clothes, so (if you're male) your artistic credentials are going to have to be very strong indeed if you want to get away with attending this exhibition without incurring the incredulity of your girlfriend or wife and/or the mockery of your friends.

You could, of course, not tell anyone and go on your own...but then you're just going to look weird.

Women Photographing Women opens today at the Stephanie Hoppen Gallery on Walton Street SW3.

Last Updated 13 September 2005