Recycle For London

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Recycle For London

Have you seen these adverts on buses and the tube yet?

The subtle subverting of classic brands? The striking graphics and colours? You'd hardly know it was a local government initiative would you?

Ok, granted, Ken's big green push has been gaining momentum for a while now, but Londonist was particularly impressed with these ads for his latest initiative: Recycle for London.

The idea seems pretty sound too: a website where you can tap in your postcode to get a list of local recycling facilities along with ideas on how you can start to recycle more.

And (as usual with the GLA, who are always very keen on texting things) you can also pay 10p to send the word 'RECYCLE' plus your postcode to 63131 and get details of "when recycling is collected or where the nearest recycling facilities are".

And if the initiative fails then, as Ken points out in the quote below, at least we'll have a use for all those leftover Olympic facilities come Autumn 2012:

London households still produce enough rubbish to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool every hour, which is why the latest Recycle for London advertising campaign is introducing this pioneering new service to make it even easier to recycle.

Last Updated 13 September 2005