Pub Quiz Patrol - The Bedford SW12

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Pub Quiz Patrol - The Bedford SW12

The other day in the Londonist offices we sat down over a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits and realised that we were neglecting an important element of the fabric of the capital: the pub quiz.

Everyone loves a pub quiz. It's like an IQ test with booze. So it makes sense that Londonist should start to document some of the finest pub quiz experiences to be had in the it gives us another excuse to go for a few beers.

If you know of any premier pub quizes that you think Londonist should visit then please email us at the usual address and let us know.

First up then is The Bedford in Balham.

Name and location of pub:

Burnsy’s Quiz Night at The Bedford (Balham, SW12) takes place in the gorgeous ‘Shakespearean Globe’ room, complete with medieval glitter ball.

Quality of beer:

An admirable range of real ales and spirits, plus all the usual ‘favourites’ on tap. Good wine list, too.


Very good. Londonist is reliably informed that the Balhamburger (see what they did there?) is a veritable beef behemoth, dished up with some of the chunkiest chips in London. Bulging portions mean your brain food will be good value for money.

Type of quiz:

General knowledge, plus a sheet of pictures and dingbats. If it’s any help, answers included Abba, Honduras, ‘coup de gras’ and Snaresbrook.

Between rounds, chirpy Aussie host Andy gives away a ‘beer of the world’, which roughly translates as a can of Stella, Grolsch, Kronenbourg 1664 or Holsten Pils. Hilarious.

Length of quiz:

1hr 45 minutes.

Entry price:

£1 per team member.

Size of teams:

Maximum of 6.

How hard was it?

At the Bedford, difficulty escalates as the quiz goes on. Round one was playground stuff; round four had us scratching our heads.

How did Londonist do?

The Londonist team was surprised to discover it had come second with a respectable 38 out of 48 (that’s an A*, kids). Our reward? Four tickets to the Bedford’s renowned comedy night, Banara Cabaret. Bargain.

Most interesting/baffling questions:

Where was Kofi Annan born?

Who starred in Zoolander, Heat and Pearl Harbour?

Best team name:

Officially: ‘Quizimodo’. Unofficially? ‘Katrina And The Waves'...ouch.

Every week, the team name that gets the most laughs wins another ‘beer of the world’.


1st Prize: 6 Tickets to Banara Cabaret on Fridays at the Bedford.

2nd Prize: 4 Tickets to the same.


Last Updated 29 September 2005