One Of Our Football Teams Is Missing

By Rob Last edited 158 months ago
One Of Our Football Teams Is Missing

Ok, so it's not a whole football team, it's eight players from across two teams...but it's Monday morning and thinking up vaguely clever headlines is a little beyond us.

So here's what happened: two teams from Zimbabwe came over to the UK last week to play a friendly up in Bradford. CAPS United and Highlanders FC were due to fly out of the country on Thursday from Heathrow, but some of them didn't make it.

Six of the players slipped away from the camp while two checked their bags in to Heathrow only to "disappear into the crowds".

Better still, two of the officials have also done a bunk.

According to the BBC, immigration officals are now 'hunting down' the men as they have breached their visas.

Londonist thinks that the players should regroup and pay a visit to Michael Howard's house, he seems to be the expert on immigration these days.

Meanwhile it's rumoured that participants in Zimbabwe's Fantasy Football League are absolutely fuming.

Last Updated 26 September 2005