Offensive Defense

By sizemore Last edited 163 months ago
Offensive Defense

If the neighbour's kids have been annoying you then you'll probably be thinking about investing in a stockpile of daisy-cutters or cluster-bombs. Off to Docklands with you tomorrow then for the biennial Defense Systems and Equipment International or plain old nasty Arms Fair as we used to call them.

If you do pop along be sure to say hello to the Chinese delegation who will probably be feeling a tad frustrated at only being able to window shop because of that annoying European Union arms embargo - they'll be gutted if there's an even better tank on sale to run down students.

You'd think that with all those sexy weapons on display that the twats selling them would be able to look after themselves, but alas no. That responsibility comes down to our boys in blue who will be looking after those at the fair at a cost of around £4 million. Peanuts to the blood money that will be changing hands inside we bet.

All we can do at this point is hope that the new ED209 is on display and still having trouble differentiating between those pointing the weapons and those selling them on.

Note: The pic is of our favourite weapon of mass distraction currently disarmed and ready to be climbed upon in SE1.

Last Updated 12 September 2005