Nice Work If You Can Get It

By londonist_alex2 Last edited 160 months ago
Nice Work If You Can Get It

It is a festeringly hot day here in the Londonist dungeon, and with the sweat dripping from the walls, we've been forced to strip down to vests and pants as we share a single calippo between us. Our editor, bless him, is doing his best to keep our spirits up though, by sending us pictures of himself from the Oval, where he's lucky enough to be watching a finely poised fifth test . That's him in the sunglasses and hat, looking rather debonair.

It's just not cricket.

Please feel free to add any comments you might have for him below, perhaps wishing him a lovely day or something similar, and we'll be sure to pass them on to him.

Meanwhile, Pieterson has just got himself out, and suddenly it's got a bit tense.

Last Updated 08 September 2005