NFL To Come To London

By Rob Last edited 182 months ago
NFL To Come To London

This Sunday the Arizona Cardinals will play the San Francisco 49ers in Mexico City. It will be the first NFL regular season game to be played outside the US and if it works they want to start taking a game abroad every season.

Guess where they want to come next?

Yes, the NFL want to come to Wembley and they've sent their finest ambassador to come and tell us all about it. That's right kids, it's William 'The Fridge' Perry.

Perry was the star of the 80s American football craze in the UK (thanks mainly to Channel 4's coverage and Gary Imlach's hair), and after leaving the NFL he played for the London Monarchs. But nowdays Bill mostly competes in other 'sports' such as "celebrity boxing and competitive eating".

While at Wembley the 30st Perry said, "From what I have seen of the new stadium it is going to be one of the greatest in the world, and I know that NFL players would love to be part of a major international event in a venue like this.".

Which is all well and good but, well, what's the point? Can you imagine Chelsea and Arsenal getting on a plane mid-season to New York or Chicago to go and play in front of a small crowd of uninterested, uncomprehending Americans? We can't really see Mourinho or Ferguson going for that idea, never mind the season ticket holders.

Last Updated 28 September 2005