Meet The Lions

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Meet The Lions
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One of the highlights of this Londonista's career to date was a somewhat short-lived summer job selling ice-pops outside the Rhino enclosure at London Zoo.

Unfortunately it was an ill-fated affair that ended in disagreement over worker ice-pop consumption on the job. The leaving line of "But the Rhinos ate them" didn't really wash with the then Food and Beverage Manager.

This experience, coupled with a secret and perhaps sick fascination with Disney's The Lion King, has meant the Regents Park menagerie has always been close to our heart.

So we were excited to see London Zoo is running a competition to win the once in a lifetime experience of meeting the Zoo's three lions face to face, and being given a behind the scenes tour of the enclosure with one of the keepers.

By following The Lion King African Trail and taking a close look at some of the other animals (not too close though) visitors should be able to search out the answers to trail questions. And when you've done all that and completed the trail you get entered into the draw and get a chance to meet the lions...which is a good thing remember.

Heckling the Lion enclosure en route with bass tinged 'Mufasas' is discouraged.

'The Lion King African Trail' takes place each day up to 27th November 2005 and if you book online at you'll save 10% on your ticket price entry to the Zoo.

Last Updated 23 September 2005