London's First Tree-Athlon

By London_Ted Last edited 162 months ago
London's First Tree-Athlon

It is either your idea of hell or you'll already have put on your leotard in anticipation. This Saturday Battersea Park will be hosting the world's first Tree-Athlon (nice).

The root (sorry) of the idea is to raise 1/2 million quid in order to plant 50,000 trees in some of the world's bleakest urban spaces. In the spirit of the traditional triathlon there will be three events - a 5km run, making an urban tree wish, and planting a tree seed in a pot. It sounds a jolly good idea, if a tad energetic.

And if all that running around leafs (can't stop ourselves) you feeling a tad overwhelmed - luckily there will 'Celeb Power' on hand to force to get you through the activities.

Linford 'The Trunk' Christie will be in charge of the pre-race warm-up and amongst others Diarmuid 'Bushy' Gavin will be running alongside you.

This member of the Londonist team will certainly be there hoping to sow a few seeds.

Last Updated 22 September 2005