London Music Collective Festival

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London Music Collective Festival

We love the London Music Collective, if only because we have them to thank for the glorious Resonance FM radio station.

But they do do other stuff (like the cracking Resonance magazine for example), and at the beginning of November the collective will be staging their 4th Annual Festival of Experimental Music.

Here's the lineup:

November 1: AMM with David Jackman + Louisa Martin + Ivan Seal

November 2: Richard Chartier (pictured) + Gross/Fages/Guthrie + Carol Finer.

November 3: Trio Sowari + Dieb 13 + Steve Beresford.

November 4: Tisha Mukarji + Xavier Charles + Gwen Jamois.

November 5: Mazen Karbaj + Mattin + John Tilbury.

Now, as you should have guessed by now, the festival isn't until the beginning of November but you should really think about getting your tickets toute suite as they are (whisper it) free and tend to go very very quickly.

All the details are on the webite.

Last Updated 21 September 2005