London Is "Zombie Capital Of The World"

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London Is "Zombie Capital Of The World"

Just what is going on today? First there's tales of cursed gemstones taking up residence in the Natural History Museum, then we here that a sword factory in west London is closing down and then we discovered the rather alarming fact that we're being overrun by zombies. It's all a bit Dungeons & Dragons.

The zombie story refers, of course, to hacked computers, not our brain-munching friends. "Zombie" computers have been compromised by attackers and taken over, doomed to spend the rest of their soulless lives spewing out spam, viruses and other trash. Londonist has thought for a while that the capital was a fairly computer-literate place, so it's rather bewildering to find its name written in the annals of ignominy like this. Presumably there is still a larger market for "free wallpapers" and "herbal viagra" than there is for decent firewalls. (Let's see what that last sentence does for the blogads. Sorry everyone.)

What is even more bewildering is the fact that the second most zombie-laden place in the world is Winsford, Cheshire. Technoworld rather optimistically calls Winsford a "city". Londonist had to look it up.

So what in blazes is going on in Cheshire?

Last Updated 20 September 2005