Kanye Who?

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Kanye Who?

Oh dear. There may be a few red faces at Chinawhite, sleb-pap-gossip spot extraordinaire, after bouncers at the Air Street club refused to let in Kanye West. It's hardly like he's been in the news at all recently, after all. That wasn't him on the cover of Time magazine, either. The Kanye West who sold 860,000 copies of his second album - in one week? Who, sorry?

Chinawhite, with its famously restrictive door policy, may wish to give its door staff a crash course in US hip hop royalty after the incident, especially as Londonist darling Makosi, of Big Brother fame, sailed in "moments later" without a problem. Perhaps Chinawhite just hates American people. We're having a collective mind-boggle at the mental picture of one of the capital's iconic doormen telling hip hop's hottest star those few, cruel words which have cut short so many nights out before they even had a chance to begin: if your name's not on the list, you're not getting in. Perhaps their set-in-stone stance regarding entry explains why Chinawhite is still a favoured celebrity hangout, years and years after it arrived on the notoriously volatile London scene.

We bet Kanye would have spent a few bob on champagne, though.

Last Updated 23 September 2005


Hahahahahahahaha! I spoke to an old mate yesterday, and he said he was taking the door at Chinawhite's last night! I will speak to him and get back to you...


Ten minutes later...

He denies all knowledge of what Kanye West looks like (although he does know who he is), and said he had strict instructions to only let in "members and women" (hence Makosi - he claims no knowledge of her either).


Hahaha that is awesome!! Did the two SUVs full of hangers-on not give him a clue that this guy might be important?!? Oh well, I'm sure Chinawhite is doing just fine without him! ;)