Harvey Nichols Shooting - Update

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Harvey Nichols Shooting - Update

Today's papers have a bit more information on the shooting we told you about last night.

According to the Guardian: "A man apparently walked into the department store and shot a woman, believed to be his girlfriend, before turning the gun on himself. Witnesses said the man, who is thought to have been a former security guard at the store, entered the ground floor cosmetics department and shot a woman behind the make-up counter."

They also have this quote from a Harvey Nich's employee:

"It was about 7.45pm. I was looking at my watch, ready to go home, then bangs - four gunshots downstairs. A girl got shot. There were shoppers still walking around totally unaware. I think it was a girl on the beauty counter who was shot and I think it was her boyfriend that killed her. I think she was dead and he was still alive.

It was really scary. There was no announcement. We just heard people screaming and ran. I thought that it wasn't just a bottle dropping on the floor, it's something more than that.

There weren't many shoppers around so that was pretty lucky. There was no evacuation of staff. They should have responded quicker, we were all terrified. We thought maybe it was a bomb."

Meanwhile the BBC has this quote from a customer who was in the store's restaurant:

"We were asked to leave by the police and as we were leaving we saw the dead body of the girl that was shot. There was absolutely no feeling of panic, it doesn't feel as if there was a mad gunman."

In the Telegraph we're told that the Met are still making inquiries to establish their identities of the pair and the next of kin have yet to be informed.

Plus, there's also this extraordinary detail: "The restaurant and bar on the fifth floor remained open to diners until it was closed by police at 10pm." That's two hours after the shooting occured.

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