Go On Banksy, We Dare You

By Rob Last edited 160 months ago
Go On Banksy, We Dare You

London is now the home of the "UK's tallest outdoor advertising structure".

Yeak, we thought that this was a pretty boring story when we first heard it, but wait until you hear how big this thing really is: seven stories.

That's pretty big right? We're not sure exactly how high a 'storey' actually is (and we can't be bothered to go and look it up right now) but we're sure that's it's damn close to huuuuuuge.

The giant billboard (known as the 'The JCDecaux Tower' to, erm...hip advertising kids) is located on the M4 on the way into Heathrow airport, and consists of "thousands of miniature LEDs, which produce a full-colour image across 50-square metre backlit panels facing both directions."

Sounds pretty impressive, but of course the current advertiser is someone called the Dubai Development and Investment Authority, and as you can probably tell from the image above, the ad isn't that visually interesting.

So, Banksy, are you reading this? How about giving up with all those stencils and spray paints and trying your hand at a bit of technological hackery?

A 50-square metre high work of urban decoration that would be seen by 1.6 million people in one week? Now that's graffiti.

Last Updated 08 September 2005