Getting Defensive

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Getting Defensive

Can you recommend any good self defence courses? Sometimes when I’m walking home from the pub I wonder if I should be more prepared. -Hannah

A quick search reveals that City Lit offers a 12-week evening course designed to explore "physical and non-physical techniques of self-defence". The cost is £152. There’s also a 1-day class (£40), but it looks like the next one isn’t until summer 2006. Tower Hamlets Lifelong Learning Service runs a 5-week programme for £20. All of these are for women only. Or, if you belong to a gym, check whether it offers defence classes or is affiliated with a teacher in your area. Another resource may be your local police station.

You could also try asking your workplace’s HR department to organise a course; many quality self-defence instructors work on an outcall basis only and gear themselves toward the corporate market. You don’t need to be young and fit to participate, so tell apprehensive co-workers not to worry. The fees vary, but it looks like you can expect to pay around £60 per person, and your office might be willing to subsidise this (obviously more likely at larger companies). Check out Premiere Self Defence or The Safety Box , which offer courses for both women and men.

And not that we’re your mother or anything, but we’ll just remind you that self-defence training will help only minimally if you’re walking home pissed. You might consider a black cab or a licensed minicab to take you on your journey.

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Last Updated 29 September 2005