Get The Tara Taxi

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Get The Tara Taxi

Loveable toff Tara Palmer-Tomkinson - "it" girl (how 1999!) and jungle survivor - found her crisis-management skills put to the test in central London the other day, when two "thugs" jumped into the back of her Mercedes convertible at a set of traffic lights on Oxford Street.

Did our Tarararara panic? No - showing the cool judgement and good sense that are the hallmark of Britain's upper classes, she kept calm and handled the situation in her own inimitable way.

"I talked to them calmly, offered them £20 each and drove them round Hyde Park before dropping them off," she recalled.

Good on you, Tara. Had Londonist been in the same situation (not that the Londonist budget stretches to a Mercedes convertible, a Mercedes, a car of any kind, or in fact anything with more horsepower than a pushbike), there probably would have been a lot more panicking, hyperventilating and flapping going on; maybe Tara's blood is blue because it contains antifreeze.

One drawback for Ms P-T: next time Londonist is broke and in need of a lift at the end of a night out, we're going to look out for the Tara taxi, as it certainly seems a more pleasant way to travel around than the night bus.

There's a different account of the incident here, if you're interested.

Last Updated 19 September 2005