Empire State Building Comes To London

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Empire State Building Comes To London

The National Theatre is bringing the Empire State Building to the South Bank, but reel-for-reel as opposed to brick-for-brick.

Every Friday next month the theatre will be showing Andy Warhol's infamous film Empire, which consists of (and we're pretty sure you can't count this as a 'spoiler') one stationary eight hour shot of the Empire State Building, filmed overnight in June 1964.

The film, which was originally shot from the 44th floor of the Time-Life Building, will be projected as a 14 by 16-metre image on the riverside facade of the NT's flytower as part of the Hayward's exhibition Universal Experience: Art, Life and the Tourist's Eye, which is designed to ask the question "why do we travel and what do we hope to discover when we reach our destinations"

Empire will be shown on the South Bank from 5pm to 1am, in order for the 485 minute black and white New York evening to turn into night in synch with London's.

The first person to claim they're going watch the whole thing and blog the experience gets a prize.

Last Updated 20 September 2005