Cry Us A River

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Cry Us A River

What is Kevin Spacey doing?

Just as it looked as he was recovering from the whole 'taking my dog for a walk in the middle of the night' debacle, and the fact that Cloaca wasn't very good, he has to go and give Justin Timerblake a job.

Londonist actually breathed a sigh of relief at the weekend when we read in this Observer interview that (contrary to tabloid rumours) Spacey hadn't been offering Cameron Diaz employment at the Old Vic.

Little did we know that it was little Justin that Spacey had in his sights.

Apparently the pair got chummy on the set of the film Edison earlier this year, in which Justin stars as a squeaky-voiced, dance crazy journalist alongside Kevin's corrupt cop.

Spacey, enamoured by Justin's prowess, decided to offer him a part in Resurrection Blues.

Can you hear that sound? Sounds like...yes, it's definitely Arthur Miller turning in his grave to the tune of NSync's hit single 'Pop'.

Oh, and according to the Sun:

"Cameron has got filming commitments in the UK next summer, so the pair have decided to turn it into a foreign adventure,. They are keen to get stuck in and absorb as much British culture as possible while they are here."


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