Centipede's Coming Home

By Rob Last edited 161 months ago
Centipede's Coming Home

Last week we told you all about the killer centipede which was terrorising London...kind of.

So it's nice to be able to report today that the Scolopendra Gigantea has now been returned to its rightful owner.

As the BBC reports today, the nine-inch monster is nw back in Islington with its owner and "exotic pet enthusiast" Gary Creasy.

Lucky Islington.

Mr Creasy picked up the centipede (which, disappointingly, doesn't have a name) from the Natural History Museum who had been looking after his 'pet' since an unlucky Aaron Balick discovered it down the back of his telly the other day.

Rumours that Islington Council are planning to slap an ASBO on the creature whose sting can "result in a blistering rash, nausea and fever" are, at this time, unfounded.

Last Updated 09 September 2005