Avenue Of Fame Just Got Longer

By Rob Last edited 160 months ago
Avenue Of Fame Just Got Longer

Londonist has commented on the 'The Avenue Of The Stars' in Covent Garden before. But, just in case you'd forgotten, let us remind you of our position: this is a complete waste of time.

Firstly, ITV is behind it and this makes it inherently rubbish. Secondly, it has no real worth and no discernible benefit for the city.

So it is with a heavy heart that we report that the 'Avenue' is due to open this Sunday and a few names have been added to the lineup at the last minute. Sir Bob Geldof and the Sex Pistols will now be added to a list which already includes Sir Ian McKellen, Dame Judi Dench, Richard Burton, Cary Grant, David Niven, Sir John Gielgud, Sir Noel Coward...and Ant and Dec.

It's like one of those 'Top 100 British people ever' lists, only on the pavement instead of Channel 5, which may explain why Ricky Gervais and John Cleese are performing alongside Queen, Jamie Cullum and Charlotte Church at the opening ceremony.

By the way, if anyone can tell us what the 'criteria' behind the selction process for this debacle is then we'd love to know.

Last Updated 15 September 2005