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Arrrrr me hearties, splice the mainbrace, polish your parrots, hoist the jolly roger and set sail for the Spanish Main for the fourth annual International Talk Like A Pirate Day be almost upon us. Aye, in just six settings of the sun* we be having the perfect excuse to wander round the office and say Arrrrrrr. Arrrrr!

Now it might be that the fair folke of ye olde London town might have become crusty landlubbers and no longer wish to consort with the ol' skull and crossbones but just think how much fun meetings will be if you all sit there saying Arrrrrr every time your Cap'n comes up with another fine plan to find the buried treasure. We here at the good ship Londonist will certainly be dusting off the eye patches and buckling on our wooden legs for the day.

The colonists who came up with this fine idea be raising money for the victims of Hurrican Katrina but over here buccaneers and privateers can donate their dubloons to Marie Curie Cancer Care

There be a site be offering ye tips on Pirate lingo (basically just say Arrrrrrr. Arrrrrr), it's very own buccaneer blog, and even a Pirate shanty. Arrrrgghhh! There also be a site for this fair Isle but it be lying in the shallows right now, so keep checking back to see if they've blistered the barnacles and rapped the scallions?

And if ye do take part then send us some photos, especially if you're a bus driver. Or the Mayor of London. If ye don't then we'll keelhaul the lot a ya. And then be making ya walk the plank...

*That'll be Monday 19th ye scurvey landlubbers

Last Updated 12 September 2005