2012 Budget Wrangles

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2012 Budget Wrangles

Ken is due to go up in front of the London Assembly today, and when he does he looks to be facing some questions from a few Tories on the Olympics budget.

Yes, it seems the Conservatives have taken time out from arguing among themselves to get worked up about overspending in preparation for 2012.

Taking the Athens experience as a benchmark (they ran three times over budget) the Tories are asking for "legal safeguards in the event that bills soar beyond expected levels" in order to protect London taxpayers.

In other Mayoral news, Ken is asking for more powers.

Exact details are sketchy but we can tell you that Londonist has heard that Ken will most likely be asking for the ability to 'leap tall buildings' and 'be as cool as Freddy Flintoff'.

Last Updated 08 September 2005