Tube Relief

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Tube Relief

Amersham tube station probably doesn't normally see that much business at 5 in the morning, so it may have come as a bit of surprise earlier today when 65 people turned up to begin their journey for Tube Relief.

Tube Relief was organised by Geoff Marshall and Neil Blake of Tube as a response to the attacks of 7 July, and as a way of raising money for the London Bombings Relief Fund.

Neil and Geoff and the rest of the 'tube challenge community' normally try and get round the tube sysytem in the quickest possible time, but today they're going to be taking it a little easier:

We're not trying for the record, and we don't want people running around like nutters making connections in the fastest time, we're just out to complete the system as a sign of solidarity and defiance...

This means we are going to get experienced tube-challengers and novices alike, to meet up, start in the same place, and travel the whole tube system in a day i) For charity, and ii) For defiance.

And it's not just people from London who are taking part, there are participants from as far away as the US (New Orleans Police Captain Tami Brisset was one of the first to sign up apparently), and all together the teams are hoping to raise over £20,000.

If you want to see how they're getting on then you can visit Londonist's favourite Tube site, London Underground where the wonderful Annie Mole will be updating her site throughout the day.

Last Updated 25 August 2005