Top London Film Locations

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Top London Film Locations
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Did you see the Top 20 Film Locations list that was put together by Film London last week?

It was pretty rubbish.

We know these kind of things are designed to provoke dicussion and argument, but one company counting up which of the locations on their books have been used the most over the past year really isn't that great a read.

Potters Field Park (as used in Little Britain)?

Bethnal Green Town Hall (as seen in Revolver and Breaking and Entering)?

We have nothing against these place, but they're hardly iconic London locations are they?

A quick poll of the Londonist office came up with the following favourites. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Borough Market - the first Bridget Jones film, any number of Dickens adaptations for TV.

The old Marylebone Station ticket office before it was turned into a Whistlestop shop - Howards End.

British Museum - Maurice.

Bank of England - Harry Potter (the first one).

Hammersmith Bridge and one of the jettys along there - Christy Malry's Own Double Entry

The BT Tower - the giant kitten attack from the Goodies.

Wembley Stadium - used in Quatermass with Johh Mills as a venue for gladitorial games then as a gathering place for Planet People who then get the bejesus sucked out of them by aliens.

Traflagar Square - mainly thanks to the pigeon attack scene in The Core.

Portobello market - Bedknobs and Broomsticks (the scene with Bruce Forsyth in it) and Notting Hill obviously.

The DLR - parts of the DLR next to Harbour Exchange Square (between Crossharbour and South Quay) and by East India Station were in 28 Days Later.

Thamesmead and Brunel University - Both in Clockwork Orange. The first is where Alex and the droogs live; the latter is the Institute.

The pub in new Cross - which doubles for 'The Winchester' in Shaun of the Dead.

The old Daily Express building on Fleet Street - a starring role in The Day The Earth Caught Fire, possibly Londonist's favourite film!

Last Updated 17 August 2005

Jocelyn Lavin

The one that thrilled me most, the first time I saw it, was the escalator at Tottenham Court Road tube (American Werewolf in London).

Annie - London Underground Blo

As a Brunel graduate I'll certainly vouch for the fact that our soul-less campus was perfect for the look of Clockwork Orange - an episode of The Sweeney was also filmed there.

My daily slog on the tube includes the Waterloo & City line which was heavily featured in tube flick Sliding Doors.

You might also want to check out Nick Cooper's excellent site about London Underground stations real and fictional featured on film and TV.


Pretty sure that Hammersmith Bridge was in 'A Hard Day's Night', too.


Thamesmead's in 'Beautiful Thing' and that terrifying Aphex video (Come To Daddy) too.

But didn't Simon Pegg write to Time Out saying The Winchester was the Boogaloo in Archway? Or was that just the interior. I don't know.


Of course, the all england lawn and tennis thingy featured in Wimbledon - the movie was quite cheesy nevertheless Kirsten Dunst is sooo cute...


james - you're right the Winchester was baded on the Boogaloo (see this article but the pub they filmed it in was the one we mentioned.

I used to drink in the Boogaloo on a weekly basis and though it's a great pub (with the best film quiz in London) it really looks nothing like the Winchester of the film.

We really need to do a 'pubs in films' post.


Although 'sliding doors' was not a great film, the scenes shot on the thames in front of Albert Bridge are much better example than the ones that take place in a tube station.

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