The Human Zoo

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The Human Zoo

Wow, how did we miss this one?

London Zoo have been looking for people to take part in a project they're calling the Human Zoo.

According to the site "a flock of Homo sapiens [will] gather on the world famous Bear Mountain," at the zoo where they will be, "presented to the public with only fig leaves to protect their modesty."

Over four days the 'animals' will be cared for by the zoo's keepers and "kept entertained through various forms of enrichment," whatever that means.

Now unfortunately the cut off date for volunteers was yesterday (we can tell you're gutted), but you haven't got that long to wait to go along and see who they chose: the Human Zoo will be open for business on 26 and 29 August.

If you go along please take some photos and then send them on to us on the usual email adress.

Last Updated 24 August 2005


two pictures are available here:

Peter Rahme

The human Zoo -
This human exhibit, like its master and mentor - the theory of evolution , from which it derives its warped vision and weird value, is a dehumanizing experience "....the basic nature of man as an animal...."and "....that the human is just another primate"

Any way!!!
Who built the Zoo and brought in all the animals in the first place? Humans!

Who played around with this silly idea in the first place and placed three guys and five girls inside an electric fencing?Humans!

Who organised the event & orchestrated the media? Humans!

Who sold and bought the tickets? Humans!

Who decided on the theme and designed the website for it ? Humans!