The Best Musical Everrrrrrrrrr

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The Best Musical Everrrrrrrrrr

We've often thought of Drowned In Sound as an indespensable source of culture, but were somewhat surprised to see their story on Radio 2's poll for the best ever stage musical. Over 400 000 people managed to get it totally wrong by coming up with the following list:

1 Les Miserables

2 The Phantom of the Opera

3 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

4 The King and I

5 Sunset Boulevard

6 Evita

7 Chess

8 The Rocky Horror Show

9 Follies

10 Hair

Now we know we're more partial to our bands being on the stage rather than in a pit in front of it but come on! Guys And Dolls, Sweet Charity, West Side Story, Cats, surely all better than Sunset Boulevard. And where the hell's Miss Saigon? Of course we don't know any other musicals but that's not the point.

Add your own top ten lists - any top ten lists really - on the comments board and kick off a Monday afternoon argument with the rest of the readers. That's what these things are for.

Last Updated 01 August 2005


How To Succeed, Chicago, Cabaret, Beauty & The Beast, The Sound of Music


I can't believe your list went "...West Side Story, Cats" as if mentioning the two of them together was the most natural thing in the world. Cats is bloody awful


Where the hell is Singing in the Rain?


I may have been taking the piss just a wee bit. And Singing In The Rain, of course.

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Personally, I think that's a hell of a musical.


Cats doesn't stink, it reeks. Bloody awful.

Chicago was good. And I'll mention Lion King purely for stage interpretation and costume design.


top 6 musicals

1. chicago
2. little shop of horrors
3. into the woods
4. cabaret
5. oklahoma
6. sunday in the park with george

Dick Van

I would want to see Mary Poppins in the list.

I saw it twice, once with the understudy Popppy Tierney and both shows very brilliant.

Feed The Birds


Uh, where is South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut on those lists? If that's not the best musical - in fact, the best film - of all time, then I don't know what is. Honestly!

When Canada is dead and gone there'll be no more Céline Dion ...


Erm, Jo, I think they mean stage musicals. But since we're there Team America has a pretty damn fine libretto too. Not so sure about Alfred Packer The Musical though.