Stockwell Shooting - 'No Cover Up'

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Stockwell Shooting - 'No Cover Up'

The last edition of today's Standard contains an interview with Sir Ian Blair in which he denies a cover up over the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes:

These allegations strike to the heart of the integrity of the police and integrity of the Met and I fundamentally reject them. There is no cover-up.

It is important that Londoners hear this: If you were going to define how to do a cover-up you would not write a letter to the Permanent Secretary of the Home Office, copying it to the chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority and the chairman of the IPCC.

That unique situation was that I and everyone who advised me believed that the man we had shot was a suicide bomber and therefore one of the four people who we were looking for, or someone else. It seemed to be utterly vital that the counter terrorism investigation took precedence - the forensics, the ballistics, the explosives.

Meanwhile lawyers acting on behalf of de Menezes' family have described the case as a "chaotic mess".

Last Updated 18 August 2005