Routemasters Not Mastering Their Routes

By Rob Last edited 163 months ago
Routemasters Not Mastering Their Routes

Will the Routemaster debacle never die?

After all the fuss over the decomissioning of the buses and then the arguments over whether bendy buses really did have quicker boarding times or not, now the Routmaster's new role is being criticised for being "seriously defective".

The Routemaster 'heritage tours' which were due to start in December have become the target for the Lib Dem's who can't understand why the proposed routes miss out sights such as as Big Ben, the British Museum and Buckingham Palace.

There are two routes on the heritage journeys: one between Piccadilly Circus and the Tower of London, past Trafalgar Square and St Paul's Cathedral; and the other includes the Royal Albert Hall, Knightsbridge, Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square before ending up at Aldwych.

In return the Lib Dem's have come up with an alternative set of routes that would also include all the 'obvious stuff' plus the British Museum, Tate Britain, Madam Tussaud's and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.

Transport for London have said:

"There has been no final decision reached on the routes. We are more than happy for them to give feedback. This is part of the major consultation process we follow when we are looking at new or revised bus services. There will be further opportunity for consultation as and when the contract is eventually awarded to operate the routes."

Expect more wranglings before we get to that stage.

Last Updated 12 August 2005